Moral Reconation Therapy—MRT® - Facts


Moral Reconation Therapy—MRT®


MRT is NOT  Scientology


MRT is a  SAMHSA NREPP Registered Program.


MRT-Moral Reconation Therapy® is trademarked and all MRT materials are copyrighted by Eagle Wing Books, Inc.


Printed MRT materials are distributed by CCI of Germantown, TN.


MRT training is conducted by CCI and other agencies.


Countless individuals have participated in MRT groups.


Over 50,000 professionals have been trained to deliver MRT.


Data from over 100,000 individuals has been compiled

and published in over 200 outcome studies.


MRT is in use in all 50 states, and in 9 countries.


Spanish versions of most MRT workbooks are available.

MRT workbooks are available in Swedish.


Reconation comes from the term “conation” which became an archaic term when the word “ego” emerged around 1930. Conation is a common psychological term.


MRT is NOT  a variation of 12-steps (AA).


MRT does NOT  employ moral dilemmas.


MRT is NOT an education group.


MRT is a process group where “homework”  is presented.


MRT does not require a high reading level.


Many completely illiterate offenders have successfully completed MRT.


MRT versions exist for educational (schools) facilities.


MRT versions exist for human growth. MRT is utilized with mental health clients to facilitate compliance and build coping skils.


Offender versions of MRT exist for domestic violence offenders,

sex offenders, anger management, resistant criminal personality,

stages-of-change, misdemeanor offenders, failure to pay family support,

job readiness, parenting, DUI/DWI, codependency, shoplifting, relapse prevention, smoking cessation, and for juvenile offenders.



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Moral Reconation Therapy—MRT® products are published by Eagle Wing Books, Inc.


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