Achievements of Moral Reconation Therapy—MRT®





 MRT has been recognized as an "Evidence-Based Program"

for offenders and substance abusers (adult and juvenile) by:


SAMHSA's NREPP National Register of Evidence-Based Programs


Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (Juvenile offenders)


State of Connecticut Judicial Branch (Probation)


State of Connecticut Judicial Branch (Child Support Division)


SAMHSA (Adult Substance Abuse—Juvenile)


MRT has been recognized as a "Best Practice," Cost Effective Practice,"

"Effective Approach," "Proven Treatment," "Innovative Practice,"

and/or a "Practice Proven to Reduce Recidivism" by the:


National Drug Court Institute


Citizens' Crime Commission of Portland


SAMHSA (Juveniles)


North Carolina Department of Correction


United Nations Programme Network Institutes


University of Maryland researchers


Oregon Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs


Koch Crime Institute







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