Breaking the Chains of Trauma - Trauma Treatment Program

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Breaking the Chains of Trauma


Trauma related symptoms pose some of the greatest stumbling blocks to recovery for offenders, mental health clients, substance abusers, and individuals struggling with day-to-day responsibilities.  These workbooks (67 pages) are based on the MRT approach and incorporate all of the key issues identified in SAMHSA’s Trauma-Informed Treatment Protocol. There are separate workbooks for male and female participants.  The workbooks are only available to those programs with MRT trained staff, or staff who have completed specialized Trauma Training.   There is also a journal that can be used as a supplement to the program.


Target Population & Use


The trauma workbooks are appropriate for mental health clients, substance abusers, offenders, and in private practice.


How It Is Conducted


Breaking the Chains of Trauma is designed to be conducted in an 8-session group that can be implemented in an open-ended manner, meaning that new participants can enter at any time, or as an 8-session psycho-educational class.


Supportive Materials


The workbooks are also available in Spanish. There is an extensive facilitator's guide, a journal, and several audio resources that should be utilized when conducting this program.


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