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A 54-page workbook focusing on methods and motivations of building will power and self-discipline and how to set goals.


Target Population & Use


Character Development is used in many settings with both juveniles and adults. The program is used in therapeutic communities, boot camps, in parole and probation, and specialized educational youth programs. It is typically used in conjunction with other MRT-based programs.


Implementation Settings


The program is designed for 16 group sessions. Participants complete each session’s homework prior to coming to group. In group each participant shares his or her homework. The program is typically conducted as a class where all clients complete at the same time.


How It Is Conducted


The program has 8 sections with homework designed to be completed prior to group and then presented in 8 group meetings. The program is either open-ended and conducted in ongoing groups where new members enter when assigned or as an educational program where all members proceed at the same pace.


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