Living In An Unpredictable World


Living In An Unpredictable World: Finding Yourself After Unexpected and Uncontrollable Events is a 32 page MRT-based workbook consisting of 8 chapters.  It is designed for use in either individual or group formats and should be completed in 8 to 12 weeks. Group sessions are open-ended where participants can enter at any time. This program covers many areas that people have struggled with during the pandemic and provides participants with tools and exercises to help them cope with our ever-changing world both now and in the future. The major focus of the book is that things will change in life and that the smartest response is to take control of the things in your life that are under your control.


Target Population & Use


This workbook is designed for use with clients who can benefit from a program that provides a basic understanding of coping with unexpected or uncontrollable events in life.


How It Is Conducted


Groups can be conducted in an open-ended format, where clients can work on completing sessions at their own pace; or in an education format, where all members of the group complete sessions at the same time.  Some of the homework contained in the chapters is shared in a group process that can be easily incorporated into any type of setting.


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