Taking the High Road - drug education program for offenders.

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Taking the High Road is a unique 41-page drug education workbook and program for offenders at all levels of criminal justice - drug courts, parole and probation, community corrections, jails and prisons.  It utilizes an approach of brutal honesty and openness and has participants share their ideas, thoughts and experiences in a group format.  The program can be operated as an educational class or in an open-ended group.  The program consists of eight modules that participants first read and then answer questions posed at the conclusion of each module.  In group, each participant then shares his or her responses with the group.


Target Population & Use


Taking the High Road is appropriate for individuals who are active in substance abuse programs of any type and setting.  It provides basic information about tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, uppers, downers, hallucinogens, and other frequently abused substances.


Implementation Settings


The program can be used in adult and juvenile substance abuse treatment programs in virtually any setting including drug/DUI courts, corrections, parole and probation, community corrections, diversion programs, and in private treatment settings.



How It Is Conducted


The program has eight modules that can be completed in eight group sessions.  Clients complete homework for each module prior to coming to group.  In group, each client presents his or her homework to the group and the facilitator passes the client to the next module or has the client redo the homework based on objective criteria.  The groups van be open-ended or can be conducted as an educational class with all clients doing the same module at the same time.


Supportive Materials


The brief Facilitator's Guide gives basic instructions as well as the objective criteria that should be used for each module.



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