Driving the Right Way - First Time DUI/DWI Treatment Program

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A 29-page workbook aimed at changing thinking and decision-making in first time DUI offenders. The book contains information on statistics and laws for all 50 states. The program is incorporated into DUI programs in accordance with a state’s hourly educational/treatment requirements of which the Driving The Right Way component comprises 6 to 8 hours. The workbook is divided into 4 sessions that are usually presented in one day but can be broken into 4 sessions.


Target Population & Use


Driving The Right Way is targeted to first time DUI offenders.  The program is used in over 25 states. Specific state information is incorporated into sections of each version as part of client homework.


Implementation Settings


The program is in use in DUI schools and programs for first-time DUI offenders.


How It Is Conducted


The program has 4 sessions that can be conducted in a single day as part of a state’s requirements. The program is meant to be incorporated into other program activities including the basic DUI education requirements. Participants can read and complete the written material for each session and then share their responses in group. Alternately, some programs have the program facilitator read the beginning of each section to participants and then have them fill out the written material. This is so that all of the participants can work at the same pace.


Supportive Materials


A Spanish version of the workbook is available. The Spanish version is generic and is used in all states.  A Facilitator’s Guide is free to purchasers of the workbooks.


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