Easy Money: A Guide to Making Smart Financial Choices - Basic Money Management Program

Easy Money


Easy Money: A Guide to Making Smart Financial Choices (40 pages) is a 10-chapter workbook designed to help individuals understand basic concepts about money and making informed financial decisions. Exercises progress from the simple concept of earning money up to the point of setting personal financial goals and creating an action plan to achieve them. Some of the topics discussed include: opening a bank account, planning for purchases, paying bills and budgeting, credit cards, and saving money. Topics are presented in a straight-forward, easy to understand manner and the exercises challenge participants to apply this information to their own life.


Target Population & Use


This workbook is designed for use with clients who can benefit from a program that provides a basic understanding of money and finances.


How It Is Conducted


Groups can be conducted in an open-ended format, where clients can work on completeing sessions at their own pace; or in an education format, where all members of the group complete sessions at the same time.  Some of the homework contained in the chapters is shared in a group process that can be easily incorporated into any type of setting.


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