Getting A Job and Exploring Career Possibilities - Life Skills Program




Getting a Job And Exploring Career Possibilities is a 60-page workbook containing 11 chapters. The primary focus of the program is to teach the necessary life skills to help clients get—and keep—a job and to begin thinking about a career.


Target Population & Use


This workbook should be employed with juveniles who are about to enter the workforce—or with those who have already been employed and are looking for their next job—or a career.


How It Is Conducted


Groups can be conducted in an open-ended format, where clients can work on completing sessions at their own pace; or in an education format, where all members of the group complete sessions at the same time.  The homework contained in each chapter is shared in a group process that can be easily incorporated into any type of setting.


Supportive Materials


 The 4-page facilitator’s guide provides information about the content and homework assignments within the workbook as well as recommendations about how to effectively run the group.



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