Moral Reconation Therapy—MRT® is NOT Scientology.

False Scientology Claims


  Several internet articles have recently made the false and libelous claim that MRT is a scientology-based program. These are complete falsehoods that may have several agendas. MRT's terminology was initially used by Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and Carl Rogers. Psychiatrist Ron Smothermon's books utilized these same terms, as we did, which well represented the key issues with offender populations. Smotherman has also been falsely labelled as scientology influenced.


  MRT is a cognitive-behavioral approach based on a range of both behavioral techniques and cognitive principles. None of the individuals involved in the development of MRT have had any contact whatsoever with scientology publications or members.


  The lies and distortions contained in the articles may be a surreptitious attempt to lend credibility and enhance scientology by linking it to MRT, which has a substantial amount of research demonstrating its effectiveness. The authors of the libelous articles apparently made no attempt to contact the first author of the MRT materials and included many false statements and outright lies.

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