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MRT—Moral Reconation Therapy®, an NREPP program, is the premiere cognitive-behavioral treatment program for substance abuse and offender populations.  Developed in 1985 by Dr. Gregory Little and Dr. Kenneth Robinson, over 200 published outcome studies have documented that MRT-treated offenders show significantly lower recidivism for periods as long as 20 years after treatment.  MRT-based workbooks are available for a vast range of treatment needs for adult & juvenile offenders, substance abusers, Veterans, trauma survivors, and many other populations.


What is MRT—Moral Reconation Therapy®?


The term "moral" refers to moral reasoning  based on Kohlberg's levels of cognitive reasoning.  The word "reconation" comes from the psychological terms "conative" and "conation," both of which refer to the process of making conscious decisions.  MRT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment system that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making, and more appropriate behavior.


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Correctional Counseling, Inc. is the sole provider of certified MRT trainings. Trainings offered include Basic MRT, Advanced MRT, Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Veterans Trauma. Click here for a detailed calendar of upcoming training events.





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