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This 109-page workbook is a educational adaptation of basic MRT. The book is used in numerous educational settings, welfare-to-work programs, and in settings focusing on helping individuals set goals, work on relationships, and become more focused.


Target Population & Use


The book is used with all types of non-offender populations, especially in educational settings. High schools, community colleges, residential programs, and churches utilize this version of MRT. MRT is an NREPP program.


How It Is Conducted


The program has 16 Steps with 12 of these typically completed in 30 group sessions held in accordance with the implementation site’s own needs and characteristics. Clients complete homework for each group prior to coming to a session. In group each client presents his or her homework and the facilitator passes the client to the next step or has the client redo the homework based on objective criteria. All MRT groups are open-ended meaning that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time. Each group session will usually have new clients as well as some finishing the program. All MRT facilitators must complete basic MRT training.


Supportive Materials


The MRT Facilitator’s Handbook gives basic instructions as well as the objective criteria that should be used for each Step.  Individuals who enter MRT training receive a copy of the MRT Facilitator’s Handbook, the Five-Minute Stress Manager, and Imaginary Future.


A 4-disc audio CD set is also available for the visually impaired.


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