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Basic training in MRT–Moral Reconation Therapy® is conducted by Correctional Counseling, Inc. (CCI) of Memphis, TN or other agencies upon arrangement.


Monthly MRT training is held in  Germantown, Tennessee (Memphis) and consists of 32 hours over 4-days. Katherine Burnette typically conducts these trainings. Over 100 other trainings are held yearly around the United States by CCI staff and trainers from large state agencies for their own staff. Training events are also held in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Bermuda and Canada.


The cost of the training is $600 per person, with CEUs offered to those who complete all 32 hours of training.


 Successful completion of MRT training is required for individuals and

agencies in order to purchase client workbooks. All clients participating in MRT must have an official MRT workbook. Those who complete MRT training can also purchase and utilize several other MRT programs.





Advanced MRT is a 2-day, 16-hour, practical hands-on workshop that

assists participants to enhance their basic group facilitation skills and effectively evaluate and critique the MRT group process.  All participants

who successfully complete this training will receive a certificate of completion. CEU's are available from Louisiana State University at Shreveport.  The cost of this training is $300 per person, plus travel expenses.




Four-day trainings for using the  specialized workbook for MRT Domestic Violence treatment are held in Germantown, Tennessee every three months and other trainings are held around the country and in Australia and new Zealand.





CCI also conducts one and two-day training in the utilization of MRT-based trauma programming materials.



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