MRT NEWS & VIEWS—Volume 2, Number 1, January 2018

by Dr. Greg Little


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4. Questionable Recidivism Claims. A few questionable reports were advertised claiming that MRT reduced recidivism by 85%-65%. Careful inspection and evaluation of all aspects regarding these claims lead me to believe they are misleading. This observation does not include the report cited below that evaluated offenders during their probation period only.


5. 2017 MRT Research. Below are two articles on MRT research from late 2017.


Moral Reconation Therapy and its Effect on Moral Reasoning


Summary. Male drug and alcohol offenders treated with MRT were evaluated with two measures of moral reasoning and a readiness to change instrument. Post-treatment results showed that MRT resulted in higher stages of moral reasoning and higher stage attainments in readiness to change.


Profile of Two Second Chance Act Offender Treatment Initiatives:

A Research Note


Summary. 81 MRT-treated probation offenders, many of whom were "dual-diagnosis,"  were assessed for "recidivism" and revocation. The MRT treatment group was 75% less likely to have probation revoked than a comparison group and 63% less likely to have new charges filed during their probation period.



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