What Do I Do Now? - Opioid Program

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What Do I Do Now?


What Do I Do Now?  is a 12-week, specialized workbook designed for opiate-focused drug courts, medically-assisted treatment patients, and offenders in treatment for opiate-related issues. The program is open-ended, meaning clients can begin participation at any time. The 36-page workbook is designed for easy implementation and adapts to any treatment venue. The 12 sessions require a weekly interaction with program staff. The program focuses on two major goals: Assisting participants to complete the first three months of treatment and to foster ongoing engagement in treatment after the initial three-month period.


Target Population & Use


This workbook is designed for use with clients struggling with various stages of opioid addiction.


How It Is Conducted


Groups can be conducted in an open-ended format, where clients can work on completing sessions at their own pace; or in an education format, where all members of the group complete sessions at the same time.  The homework contained in each chapter is shared in a group process that can be easily incorporated into any type of setting.




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