Parenting and Family Values - Parenting Skills Program

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A 75-page workbook designed to help participants develop parenting skills and assess values related to family. Clients confront their parenting skills and habits, perform a clarification on their values regarding family, and establish appropriate discipline routines. Cost: $15.00.


Target Population and Use


Parenting and Family Values is used with clients in any type of treatment—but especially with female offenders and others in need of parenting skills.


Implementation Settings


The program is in use in correctional settings at all levels as well as in numerous private treatment venues.


How It Is Conducted


Participants complete homework from the 12-module workbook prior to attending group. In group, each participant shares his or her responses. The program is designed for 12 group sessions. The program can be open-ended or conducted as a class where all participants enter and complete at the same time.


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