Something For Nothing - Shoplifting Treatment Program

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A 17-page client shoplifting workbook designed to be utilized in 8 group hours. The group meetings can be weekly for parole/probation settings or completed over a weekend. This program directly confronts and exposes the thinking and behaviors underlying shoplifting.


Target Population & Use


Something For Nothing is directly targeted to shoplifters who are placed on probation, diversion programs, or ordered to undergo a shoplifting treatment program.


Implementation Settings


The program is in use in corrections, probation and parole, community corrections, diversion programs, and in private treatment settings.


How It Is Conducted


The program has 6 exercises completed in 8 group hours. In programs that implement the program over weekends, the audio version (on cassette tape or CD) of each exercise in the book is typically played to the group. Then participants complete written material and share their responses with the group. This is done so that everyone in the group completes the program at the same pace. These one or two-day groups are not open-ended. In weekly groups, clients read each exercise and complete the written material before group and then present their work to the group. Weekly groups can be open-ended meaning that new participants can enter the group at any time. Each participant presents the exercises from the specific one that participant is currently working on.


Supportive Materials


 A Spanish version of the workbook is available. An English audio version of the book is available on  CD.


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