Dying For A Smoke - Smoking Cessation Program

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This 72-page workbook forms the basis of a smoking and tobacco use cessation program. The program has 8 sessions and has two CDs affixed inside the back cover as supportive material.


Target Population & Use


Dying For A Smoke is targeted to any individuals who want to stop smoking as well as to programs and organizations implementing a stop smoking assistance program.


Implementation Settings


This workbook is designed to be used in a small group format where people who are in the process of stopping tobacco use can meet, share ideas, lend social support to each other, and make good decisions. It can be used in private practice settings, employee assistance programs, and with clients in treatment.


How It Is Conducted


There are 8 chapters in the book and participants complete the written exercises for a new chapter before attending a group session. The first 5 sessions are designed to prepare an individual to cease all tobacco use by making an individualized plan of action. Session 6 is designed to be the point where the individual actually ceases all tobacco use or begins the process of reducing use. The groups are designed to be open-ended where new participants can enter at any time.


Supportive Materials


Two audio CDs are included with each workbook. The first CD begins with an overview of the workbook and also explains the program. Tracks 2 and 3 can only be used at times when you can sit down and close your eyes. Track 2 presents the Three-Breath Relaxation Technique, which is designed to teach participants to deal with stress and anxiety in a quick, effective way. Track 3 is an extended version of the Three Breath Technique and also contains visualizations.  The second CD contains a 50-minute music presentation with a background of “Sleep-Motivation” suggestions designed to allow the listener to fall asleep. It should be used at bedtime or at other times when the listener can take about an hour to relax and close his or her eyes. A Facilitator's Guide (free) is also available.


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