How To Establish And Build A Private Counseling Practice With Criminal Justice Clients - an informative book on how to create a private counseling practice.

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How To Establish And Build

A Private Counseling Practice

With Criminal Justice Clients


"How do I start my own counseling practice?" is question asked by many counselors. This informative book provides you with the information you need to be successful if you choose to open your own private practice. Starting a private practice as a counselor, therapist, social worker, psychologist, or as one of many other professional practitioners in the burgeoning field of the helping professions is difficult. Building and growing it are even more difficult. Making private practice a successful, long-term career can be impossible for some. But there is a way to develop and build a lucrative and successful career in private practice that is nearly always overlooked. It is working with offenders referred from the criminal justice system. This book is a primer outlining and summarizing the basic steps and tasks required to work with offenders assigned by courts and local criminal justice resources. Offenders are a different type of client with very unique needs. The criminal justice system is progressively referring more and more individuals into short-term groups focused on specific topics. The groups are lucrative and lead to a caseload of individuals seeking individual counseling. In this book you’ll see how developing and offering specific cognitive behavioral programs can lead to a burgeoning private practice. The programs are workbook-based approaches conducted in ongoing groups that usually meet on a weekly basis. As you gradually become a respected provider for your local criminal justice system, your treatment offerings expand and your caseload grows. In the book you get a step-by-step guide explaining exactly what needs to be done along with various hints and guidelines. The programs described within this book are based on the author’s own series of cognitive behavioral workbook formats, but information is given on how to obtain other materials. Some of the key treatment programs discussed inside include: Shoplifting; Underage Drinking; Driving Without a License; Child Support; Petty Theft; Parenting; Codependency; Criminal Thinking; Anger Management; Drug Education; Substance Abuse Treatment; Trauma Treatment; and services for Veterans.


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