Thinking For Good - Resistant Offender Treatment Program



A 70-page workbook used with offenders and resistant clients. The book focuses especially on typical criminal thinking issues such as: Everyone lies, cheats, and steals; No one can be trusted; The rules don’t apply to them; That all relationships are manipulative.


Target Population & Use


 Thinking For Good is used with resistant offender populations in groups. The program prepares the most resistant clients for more treatment. Typically this program is used prior to participating in a more long-term program such as MRT.


Implementation Settings


The program is predominantly used in corrections, community corrections, and in probation and parole settings.


How It Is Conducted


Participants complete each of the program’s 10 modules before group sessions and share their homework in the group. The program is designed for 10 group sessions. Groups are open-ended in that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time.


Supportive Materials


A Spanish version of the workbook is available. A Facilitator’s Guide is also available.



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