Rules Are Made To Be Followed - Underage Drinking Program

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A 16-page client workbook designed to be utilized in 8 group hours or 4 group sessions. The group meetings can be weekly for diversion/probation settings or the program can be completed over a weekend. This program directly confronts the problem of underage drinking and fake IDs.


Target Population & Use


Rules Are Made To Be Followed is directly targeted to underage drinkers who are placed on probation, diversion programs, or ordered to undergo a brief program.


Implementation Settings


The program is in use in probation, community corrections, diversion programs, educational institutions, and in private settings.


How It Is Conducted


The program has 4 sets of homework designed to be completed and presented in 8 group hours. The program can be conducted over a weekend or in weekly group meetings.


Supportive Materials


A Spanish version of the workbook is available and a free Facilitator’s Guide is sent upon request to purchasers of the workbook.


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