Battling Shadows - Veterans Trauma Treatment Program

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Battling Shadows


Battling Shadows is a totally unique cognitive-behavioral workbook that directly confronts trauma issues typically encountered in Veteran populations. This 150-page workbook is designed to be implemented in eight group sessions, facilitated by professional staff.  The program utilizes unique techniques that are intended to be used only with Veteran focused groups.


Target Population & Use


This workbook was made to confront the unique types of trauma that are specific to the Veteran population.


How It Is Conducted


Battling Shadows is designed to be conducted in an 8-session group that can be implemented in an open-ended manner, meaning that new participants can enter at any time, or as an 8-session psychoeducational class.


Supportive Materials


An extensive Facilitator’s Guide is available as well as several audio CDs that should be used when conducting this program.


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